Deco payments User app

Deco is a B2C payment solution, that provides legitimate customers a way to pay for their purchase on spot, in case that their card was denied by the bank. After the order is submitted, the users has 2 weeks to login to the user-app, apply a payment method, and pay for their orders. 

Deco offers two possible payment flows: “Schedule payment” and “Installments”. This app is a mini-app, due to the fact that in most cases there the user visit it only once, when they sumbit the payment.

Team: B2C Product manager, PMM, Design
My role: Lead designer, full product ownership

a. User journy

b. Product evolution

CASE STUDY Establishing Deco “One pager” app

Business challenge

As the product evolved and new solutions were launched, we required to re-think the user app so it can serve different customers that has completed different flows (Schedule payment / Installment ). Also, there was an inefficient in-app payment proccess that we wanted to simlplify and improve.

The preliminary work took place on several levels:


In addition to user’s feedback after the checkout event,  We partnered with a big fashion retailer and conducted an online survey that was sent to users who used our product during their purchase. Users were asked questions such as: Are the business offer and terms of service clear? Is the experience smooth? Would you use Deco again in the future?

We sent it also to default users (=who did not returned payment), along with “good” users that paid us back for their purchase.My goal was to characterize the users and to understand whether they are “opportunistic”- single time users that were caught up in the product by chance, or do they have potential for being returning users that will use our product on several occasions.

C. User Survey-  quotes


Survey takeaways

  • Customer lack of familiarity with our brand raises trust concerns
  • Customers are overwhelmed with accounts and don't want to use another service
  • Urgency moment is a big factor in user’s decision
  • Not all customers understand the product flow


I mapped all the possible flows & entry points to the product, including emails. The goal was to shed light on the key action the user is asking to perform while they entering the app.

D. User lifecycle 


  1. Deco user portal is unusual; the way the flow is structured, users basically don’t need to go inside it in case that everything goes well. (“Happy flow”)

  2. The urgency to access the app will only occur when something in the process of a specific order fails

We came into a conclusion in which the main view of the app should be a single order view i.e the current user order that is currently processing 

Schedule payment flow

Installments flow

Language & styleguide