SIMANU- A local Hebrew calendar
final project at bezalel academy of art & design, 2016

A Hebrew calendar based on the changes of the world (weather, seasons, agricultural activities), as well as the human historical and ritual narratives.
The product itself is a hardware, that can be hung on the wall  and “live” there, allowing users to be aware of what is happening in time.

Each icon represent a month. The annual display consists of all the icons and the daily view shows an element from the icon as well as visuals of the lunar state.
The work attempts to create a visual connection to the local and universal time in which we live and aspires to allow us to realize that there is still one thing we can not win and take over.

SIMANU- Visualisation of the hebrew calendar from ruth kreisberg on Vimeo.

"Troubles" Fanazine
Fanazine about Israeli troubles

"Time aspects"
Video mapping project. exploring visualization forms of Time. *As part of my final project about the Hebrew calendar.

"Text Invaders" an experimental workshop for "Invading" font and
implanting new glyphs with visual meaning.

Series of Illustrated posters for Michel Gondry's films. mixed media.